Employee Verification

Hire the employee verification agency in the USA – GPS and Associates, and save your team from making additional phone calls.

Candidate’s details like references, qualifications, experience, criminal record and education are critical aspects of the hiring process. Organizations with limited resources hire the best private investigation agencies to streamline their workflow and gather accurate data about potential employees.

GPS and Associates is the leading employee verification agency in the U.S,  known for helping clients convert applicants quickly with their quick background check turnaround times. Along with experienced investigators, we also use state-of-the-art automation techniques to collect employee data

What do you get in the employee verification plan? 

Detailed Reports

At GPS and Associates, we always provide clients with detailed employee verification reports. Being the best background check and employee verification agency in the USA, we leave no stone unturned to collect employee data.

MVR (Motor Vehicle Reports)

We also conduct motor vehicle checks and provide in-depth motor vehicle reports for existing and future employees.

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    Quick Results

    We know that employers want quick and accurate information to speed up their hiring process. Our team ensures a quick turnaround time by using smart techniques and advanced technology for the verification process.

    How do we work?

    At GPS and Associates, we provide quick and accurate employee background screening services in Puerto Rico by following a simple process. The three-step process we follow at GPS and Associates:

    Request employment verification

    We understand your requirements

    Perform background check

    Our team of experts take the required steps to collect the information

    Result in no time

    You get detailed reports on employee history along with MVR reports

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