Background Verification

Intelligent and expeditious solutions for background check requirements

GPS and Associates has been providing the best background check services in the USA for over 30 years. We offer optimized and customized screening plans to fit your specific needs. Being the top private investigative agency in the USA, GPS and Associates conducts record searches in Puerto Rico, U.S Virgin Islands and Guam, we ensure that clients get an answer to all their queries and detailed background check reports after a thorough investigation. When records need to be translated,GPS and Associates performs that in a concise,accurate manner.

What do we cover in the background check process?

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Credit History Check
  • Motor Vehicle Reports
  • Educational Background Check
  • Credentials Check
  • Public Database Check.
  • Identity Check
  • Employment Background Check
  • Residential Address Check

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    Why Choose GPS and Associates for Background Check Services in the USA?

    At GPS and Associates, we don’t just rely on a single source of information; rather, we use a perfect blend of live court house or police department search, along with our investigative databases to ensure accurate, up-to-date and reliable reports.

    Businesses need to move quickly to speed up their hiring process, which at times gets difficult with limited resources. A team of highly qualified and experienced investigators provides a solution to this problem with top-notch background screening services. Using smart technologies and expertise, they provide quick solutions and help you discover potential issues that can impact your business.

    Whether you are a Fortune 500 corporation, a mid-size organization, a private company or a government organization, GPS and Associates has smart, award-winning and comprehensive background check services for everyone.

    Our innovative and customized background check services in the USA help you effectively and efficiently manage your business by making smarter decisions.

    Your search for the best background verification agency in the USA ends with GPS and Associates. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with detailed and up-to-date background reports within no time.

    Looking for Background Verification?